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thePULL : Tiger Leaping Gorge and Skyvex   Leave a comment

[As a new highway is currently being constructed to make a more direct route from Lijiang to Zhongdian (Shangri-La), the classic routes to Tiger Leaping Gorge remains the same, at approximately 2 hours away from Lijiang.  The country is only as good as its infrastructure  (quote anonymous) … but I digress.]

Tiger Leaping Gorge   虎跳峡   (Lijiang, Yunnan  –  云南省,丽江区)

A beautiful gorge continually fed with the summer rush of the Jinsha River,  flowing through two high mountain ranges, that of Haba Snow Mountain at 5396m and 5596m of Yulong (Jade Dragon) Snow Mountain, is a short trip away from Lijiang. Coveted by many travellers, backpackers and farmers, the Gorge is a beautiful escape foot of incredibly high cliffs.  TLG challenges to be the deepest valley and gorge in the world, depending on the definition used.

Look down!  at the boulders of where the tiger pounced across the river to get away from the hunter. You’re about 1800m above sea level.   Look up!  and its a difference of about 2800m of the nearest cliffs, with the mountains downstream of about 3600m! …  Summer’s rainy season brings reddish soil from the Tibetan plateau source, but by autumn the river flows a beautiful blue …

Some recent photos below (the others will be via Flickr) of the Gorge and ShiGu Town 石鼓镇, at the pinnacle of First Bend of the Yangtse …
What do you say : When will you come by?


my favourite picture of the trip ... a warp but the sky remains consistent. / Darwin Ma

The following is at ShiGuZhen (Old Stone Drum Town) at the pinnacle of The First Bend of the Yangtse River (you know, that river that extends all the way to Shanghai)

Skyvex : Our Concave World on the Convex Sky / Darwin Ma & Pullman Lijiang Resort & Spa










Lijiang Places : Golf Courses   Leave a comment
Welcome to another edition of Lijiang Places by Pullman Lijiang, I am your host, LiP.

Today we explore a little of the two Lijiang Golf Courses:
(1) Lijiang Ancient Town Waterview Golf Course, opened in 2006 and encompassing Wenbihai Lake; and
(2) Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Course, the longest and second highest golf course in the World.


(1) The Lijiang Ancient Town Waterview Golf Course is at an altitude of 7550 ft, 8km away from Lijiang.
By Wenbihai Lake, Naxi villages, and Wenbi Mountain, with Jade Dragon Mountain in the backdrop, you will be in for a beautiful scenery and good facilities. 12 hectares of area and long, the course is not made to be a pro course but as one with varying difficulties.
Par 72, 18 holes. Opened 2006. Designed by Joe Obringer.

Contact @ T: 86-888-5163666   F: 86-0888-5392222



(2) At 10,000ft the golf ball flies an extra 15% further due to altitude, start swinging away and brag about those 300ft+ shots to your friends! Altitude sickness is possible, too. At 8,548 yard length (8450 yards pro course), Jade Dragon Golf Course is the longest regulation golf course in the world and the second highest in the world.
Par 72. 18 holes. Opened 2001. Designed by Neil Haworth (Shanghai) @ Nelson & Haworth. 18 hole game includes green, caddie, buggy, meal. indoor pool. fireplace, proshop, restaurant.

Contact @ T: 86-888-516-3666   F: 86-888-5163298
Odd question out: What does it take to get the Jade Dragon golf course eligible to be in the PGA?

You may also contact us at Pullman Lijiang Resort & Spa for more information and travel costs to get you a safe trip to these interesting golf courses. Swing away!

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