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Lijiang Places: Wenhai (not WenbiHai)   Leave a comment

Wenhai.  In northernwest Lijiang, west of Baisha, is a mountain that leads right to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.
Climb it.  Here is a great viewpoint of the Lijiang valley, cradling the townships of the Naxi.
Go a little further.  You will find FuGuoSi 福国寺, one of the few lamaseries in Lijiang (although it is under renovations, will finish by end of the year).  Go behind that mountain range.  And you have reached Wenhai. A basin of sorts, over 3500m in altitude with a small lake from the low clouds, amidst a smaller village.
The animals are abound, grazing and galloping and grunting and giddy to the plentiful spring/summer mildness.  This is peaceful.  I shall return again in the winter when the snow flutters in…

Have a look at our FLICKR pictures this summer. Will you join us for the next trip? Or bring a wedding party next summer?
At any rate, the following is my ugly rendition of the route you can take from us, to them. Enjoy!

The squiggly orange dirt mountain route to Wenhai Basin - see pictures via via Flickr!

a balancing act with the (A) marker,
Darwin @ Pullman Lijiang Resort & Spa

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