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If you are looking for a place to go for culture, see the Pumi.

The Pumi, Chinese: 普米族, are an ethnic minority group of approximately 30000 people largely spread across northwest Yunnan, west of Lijiang and enroute towards Lugu Lake where the Mosuo 摩梭族 reside.  A colleague of Pullman Lijiang is of Pumi origin, and say that a difference between Mosuo and Pumi are that the Mosuo put a lot more flowerly items in their hair. The woman on the far right of the above photo looks a little Naxi 纳西族, but is the dress of an honoured woman.

Lanping is approx 110 km away while Ninglang is about 85 km away, the two main areas of existence. Mind you, the roads leading to the Pumi twist and wind and up and down through many hills and villages. It will not be a ‘clean’ straight drive out there, but will take some time.

The article from People Daily gives a detailed description of the Pumi from their nomadic origins away from the Tibetan plateau to the settlement in the southern, field rich valleys of Yunnan and pre-/post-1949. Something to learn about the people of this small world.



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