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thePULL : 17 and A-Dan, the Craftsman of Lashi Lake   2 comments

by Darwin Ma / Pullman Lijiang Resort and Spa Exclusive / 2011-08-03

Short Intro to A Dan, 阿丹, and a few things you can visit while in Lashi Lake, Lijiang

1 / custom request any wooden furniture, copperwares and household-design items you would like from A-Dan …
2 / visit his “Monthly Open Vacation Home”, also by Lashi Lake, occuring every 17th of every month, where there are creatures and friendly faces enjoying each other over a bonfire and friends. (More details below …)
3 / visit his home and have a tea, view his own personal museums and not-for-sale antiques (with his permission)


A special interview and tour was made in mid April with Pullman Lijiang Resort and Spa … his blog is at

A-Dan, 阿丹, (above) is a Taiwanese entrepreneur, artist and packrat out near Lashi Lake 拉市海, west of Lijiang. A craftsman for over 20 years and living in Lijiang for over 10, A Dan left business in Taiwan and opened several antique and woodcraft shops and displays around Lashi Lake. He is one of the many ‘foreigners’ who enjoys, founds, and now creates the beautiful, natural atmosphere in Lijiang’s lakeside suburbia.  A Dan has his own private collection of antiques from Lijiang and the area, all a few decades old,  all an interesting story between each item.  He turned a hobby into a collection and into inspiration, forming his craftsmen handiwork for the masses. A-Dan took a retired wooden boat, the kind that was made from ONE TREE CARVED OUT, and turned it into desks and chairs …


His Children

There is a common modern concept that children should attend schools and get a strong basis of education for the world.  His two daughters, Pipi 皮皮 and Dandan 蛋蛋, 10-13 years old, do not. “I do not believe in the public school system, in any country, as it’s the same idea of the same concept. Children are burdened with schoolwork and are not playing around and not enjoying childhood. That’s not how it should be … My girls are playing away and making a memory that will last forever, in the living and breathing beauty of Lijiang … and just … enjoying . Why do we [parents, adults] need squeeze their time away from schoolwork and preparation for moneycollecting, and forget about just living?”


The ‘Monthly Open Vacation House’ happens every 17th of every month. It is open to everyone, everywhere, filled with pigs, ducks, hares, a monkey, chickens, a farm, small dogs, large dogs, and several grandmas playing card games. It is one of the first things you will notice when going to Lashi Lake … and at no admission fee …
‘Why not?’ asks would-be capitalists …  “Every year, there are only a few days to celebrate because of holidays, birthdays, national days, religious days, whatever.  Why can’t we celebrate life more, and more regularly?  So I made this wooden getaway for everyone to get away more often, rather than a ‘once in awhile’ … no admission fee, free drinks, dancing, music and just to have an overall good time … my treat to have your company to celebrate!”

“Why the 17th, you ask? Look at my business card.  my phone number ends in xxxxxxx1717 [I lost this phone number!].


You may contact us at Pullman Lijiang to take you to A-Dan’s house at or +86-1362-888-5532,
or email him directly (in Chinese) at or call 1338-8884548.

Get Closer … to the people and places around Lijiang …

ADan’s ‘Monthly Open Vacation Home’ [above] in Lijiang, open to all guests to visit.
A small get together party is held every nigh of the 17th of every month …

A child rests against the wood. Roots cut away into what looks like three different mythical creatures …

One of the antiques, an old fashioned iron – don’t see those around anymore!

Lazy Pigs and Happy Dogs

classic motorcycle and a skulled marked by the Tibetans

… the following are some pictures from his blog, showing the ’17th’ celebration days!  Let’s chill out

by Darwin Ma & Pullman Lijiang Resort and Spa  / 2011-08-03
will update more later, here or there, as the 17th passes …

thePULL: Torch Festival UPDATE   Leave a comment

Some updates on festivities:

The Torch Festival is coming up soon! See our earlier post here.
To Recap:
Sunday July 24th is the start of The Torch Festival in Ninglang 宁蒗, a little country village northeast of Lijiang, approximately 4 hours away and between Lugu Lake, where the Pumi Nationalities 普米族 celebrate earlier than the Naxi (see below). (Source: Pumi friend)

(Click for larger image)

While over in Lijiang, the Naxi people will be celebrating The Torch Festival 火把节 from July 25th to July 27th, in all the little towns, namely Dayan 大研古镇, Shuhe 束河古镇 and Baisha 白沙古镇 (though Baisha is not confirmed, it should be as it was an old capital of the Lijiang area).

The festival is largely for the Yi Minority, but that had carried over to other municipalities over history. The Yi minority are spread across northern Yunnan, but largely in southern Sichuan (the province northeast of Yunnan). Activities include bullfighting, pyroworks, nationality beauty contests, and other activities! The Yi people celebrate it on July 25th as well.

When the party is over, we’ll make sure to get some (hopefully!) nice photos to see what you may or not have missed!

Lucky you if you get to join us during this period!

PS Now I know it is not Lijiang, but Cirque du Soleil, Montreal-based, world-reknowned acrobatic cinematics for its creativity and charm, is visiting in select locations in China. Check them out (if you’re not in Lijiang)!


Pullman Lijiang Resort & Spa

NOTES: July 25th 2011 Gregorian Calendar = 6th month, 24th day of the Lunar Calendar.

thePULL: Late Summer PROMO 2011   Leave a comment

Late Summer PROMO 2011

Once again we have another promotion for the Summer 2011. Please see the details below to stay at Pullman Lijiang!

30% off room and villa rates (an additional 10% discount offered to A|Club Advantage Plus members)
BOOK DURING: 12th July – 18th August 2011
STAY DURING:  26th July – 04 September 2011
Room rate is to be fully prepaid, no modifications, no refunds even if cancelled.
(this is also valid in other hotels in China, but spend this summer in Lijiang!)

In addition, we still have the Spa-200 rebate:

Reference your reservation to this blog and get a 200 RMB Mandara Spa rebate per treatment! Please book your reservation via or when making your reservation. Valid anytime.

And Out of Town, check out: , our sister hotels, who are giving out a contest to win a trip to 8 destinations around the world. The contest ends 18 July 2011 (that’s… soon!)

SUBSCRIBE, that way will have you up-to-date for your dream travels.

Get Closer.

thePULL: the Rhizome and its Art Residents of Lijiang   Leave a comment

I previously described a small little place in Lijiang east of Lijiang old town (south south east of Pullman Lijiang) having an art gallery displayed until July 1st. Now, let’s investigate the residents further.

The Rhizome Art Gallery is also a popular and possibly only art residencies active in Lijiang. Artists from all over the world come to experience the natural surroundings and the culture of the many local tribes, or nationalities 少数民族 (ShaoShuMinZu).


Although some have already left their stay at the Rhizome,they all have a stretch of inspiration to the locals, and have learnt from them. They are involved in the community, but create a peace of their own in their works.

See more about these artists at or explore them yourself below.
Most of the links on the site do not work, but some require a simple fix. Go to the link by deleting the starting names. 

ShiJinDian`s wire motocycle

EDIT: here are links related to the artists who have or are at residence at Rhizome Lijiang,  for your convenience!:
ALEXANDRE Philippe – FRANCE – raw craftsman – no personal website found…
ARRAOU Peggy – FRANCE – video –
BRAULT Christine -CANADA – writer – no personal website found…
BURKHART Gary – FRANCE-USA – scientific – (might be down)
CLAUSS Julien – FRANCE – music –
DE MAAR Marrigje – NETHERLANDS – interiors –
ECHENIQUE José – LEON CANNOCK Alejandro – PERU – performance philosophy –
FRANCES-KING Caroline – ENGLAND – botany illustrations –
JUBERT Giovanni – SPAIN – typography and calligraphy –
LEHBERGER Frank – FRANCE-GERMANY – ancient calligraphy –
MU Yun Bo 木云柏 (Lana) – CHINA – cartographic murals – no personal website found…
NG – FRANCE – nomadic artist – no personal website found…
SHI JinDian 师进滇  – CHINA – wire architect – Google him. Brilliant wire frames. (above) and here
SINCLAIR Peter – FRANCE – Road Music Project – – –
WEI Qingji 魏青吉 – CHINA – contemporary iconography on silk – here and hereCN and hereEN
TROUCHE Sarah, HERR Benjamin – Winter Story – FRANCE – performance artist, architect –

Also, there seemed to have been a previous art project via already ended, you may also check their work out as well!

Cheers to the art of the world,

Darwin @ Pullman Lijiang Resort & Spa

NEXT UP: Bunong 布农 and his horseride through to Lhasa.

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