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Location: Pullman Lijiang Resort & Spa. Lijiang Yunnan.


Synopsis: We have a curiously large mass outbreak of what seems to be deemed a subspecies of Malus domestica : apples.
Their origins are yet to be identified, as they are invading the Pullman Lijiang complex at an alarming rate. Scientific examinations are showing fluctuating seasonal growth, with the most infestation occuring within the next few months, as the seeds are preparing for remanifestation.

We need reinforcements.

Some researchers has found the following on related species:

LONGEVITY…: The Chinese University of Hong Kong discovered that fruit flies who were fed an apple extract lived 10 percent longer than other flies who were fed a normal diet. Maher, Theresa. “Antioxidants Found in Apples May Extend Lifespan”. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Retrieved 24 March 2011.

BUT TOXIC: However, apple seeds are mildly poisonous, containing a small amount of amygdalin, a cyanogenic glycoside [raw material for toxic Hydrogen Cyanide]; it usually is not enough to be dangerous to humans, but can deter birds. Juniper BE, Mabberley DJ (2006). The Story of the Apple. Timber Press. p. 20. ISBN 0881927848.

The local guests are welcome to enjoy the organic, unsprayed apples, but be wary of their seeds … !
A mass harvest will take place once we identify their date of full maturity. Until then, we will await the impending challenge of these Malus domestica leeching away at the red soil …

Darwin Ma
– doesn’t eat apples.

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