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(Shuhe and the Lijiang Valley Plains, off a horse-beaten hiking trail)

Every week will be an update on the offers at Pullman Lijiang Resort and Spa, and other deals around.

China Summer Promotion 2011

Book to stay until 14 August 2011 (few days left!)
Stay by August 31 2011 to have the offer.
10% off room rates.
Complimentary up to two breakfasts per bedroom
A|Club Advantage Plus member: additional 10% discount on room rate (19% off total)
Conditions: prepay 7 days before arrival, no refund, no modifications, no cancellations

30% off Room Rates

Book to stay until 18 August 2011 (few days left!)
Stay by September 04 2011 to have the offer.
30% off room rates.
A|Club Advantage Plus member: additional 10% discount on room rate (37% off total)
Conditions: prepay 14 days before arrival, no refund, no modifications, no cancellations

thePULL ‘Get Closer’ BONUS

1 / Book your stay.
2 / Subscribe to ‘thePULL’ on WordPress (on the left sidebar) or on Facebook. Stay up to date on some this destination’s adventures, events and possibilities!
3 / Email mentioning “thePULL” and receive a bonus RMB200 Mandara Spa spa treatment per person per stay (Treatments starting from RMB238). Other bonuses and updated promotions may be included in your stay!

Pullman, Sofitel and mGallery Official Brand Offers

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Pullman Lijiang Resort & Spa

thePULL: Summer Promotions and Perks   Leave a comment

Hello there! A short reminder to mention that we have a set of promotions to come and visit Pullman Lijiang Resort & Spa.

10% off your stay at Pullman Lijiang with 2 complementary breakfasts per bedroom. This promotion ends August 14 2011, for the stay duration ending August 31st 2011.
Conditions: Must prepay reservation at least 7 days in advance, no modifications, no cancellations, no refunds.

If booking your reservation by email (, please subscribe AND mention to receive a spa rebate of 200 RMB per treatment per guest (reusable!) with your stay. This can be accompanied with any promotion. (The rebate will be noted with your reservation upon check-in. Valid as long as you mention here. Not applicable with booking through a travel agency. EDIT 1700ChinaTime: Please also ‘CC’ an email to =)

This is a simple one. Just subscribe and send me an email ( where I will send 2 (two) postcards to anyone, anywhere, with your own personal message. Snail Mail is still a surprising way to say ‘Hello!’ (Optional)  (Limited Quantities!)

Lijiang Places: Wenhai (not WenbiHai)   Leave a comment

Wenhai.  In northernwest Lijiang, west of Baisha, is a mountain that leads right to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.
Climb it.  Here is a great viewpoint of the Lijiang valley, cradling the townships of the Naxi.
Go a little further.  You will find FuGuoSi 福国寺, one of the few lamaseries in Lijiang (although it is under renovations, will finish by end of the year).  Go behind that mountain range.  And you have reached Wenhai. A basin of sorts, over 3500m in altitude with a small lake from the low clouds, amidst a smaller village.
The animals are abound, grazing and galloping and grunting and giddy to the plentiful spring/summer mildness.  This is peaceful.  I shall return again in the winter when the snow flutters in…

Have a look at our FLICKR pictures this summer. Will you join us for the next trip? Or bring a wedding party next summer?
At any rate, the following is my ugly rendition of the route you can take from us, to them. Enjoy!

The squiggly orange dirt mountain route to Wenhai Basin - see pictures via via Flickr!

a balancing act with the (A) marker,
Darwin @ Pullman Lijiang Resort & Spa

thePULL: Orchard Outbreak   Leave a comment


Location: Pullman Lijiang Resort & Spa. Lijiang Yunnan.


Synopsis: We have a curiously large mass outbreak of what seems to be deemed a subspecies of Malus domestica : apples.
Their origins are yet to be identified, as they are invading the Pullman Lijiang complex at an alarming rate. Scientific examinations are showing fluctuating seasonal growth, with the most infestation occuring within the next few months, as the seeds are preparing for remanifestation.

We need reinforcements.

Some researchers has found the following on related species:

LONGEVITY…: The Chinese University of Hong Kong discovered that fruit flies who were fed an apple extract lived 10 percent longer than other flies who were fed a normal diet. Maher, Theresa. “Antioxidants Found in Apples May Extend Lifespan”. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Retrieved 24 March 2011.

BUT TOXIC: However, apple seeds are mildly poisonous, containing a small amount of amygdalin, a cyanogenic glycoside [raw material for toxic Hydrogen Cyanide]; it usually is not enough to be dangerous to humans, but can deter birds. Juniper BE, Mabberley DJ (2006). The Story of the Apple. Timber Press. p. 20. ISBN 0881927848.

The local guests are welcome to enjoy the organic, unsprayed apples, but be wary of their seeds … !
A mass harvest will take place once we identify their date of full maturity. Until then, we will await the impending challenge of these Malus domestica leeching away at the red soil …

Darwin Ma
– doesn’t eat apples.

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