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Welcome to A Pullman in Lijiang!

I am Darwin, your buddy in Lijiang to give the personal way to explore more about the beautiful Pullman Lijiang Resort & Spa, this grand town in the mountains of the Eastern Tibetan plateau, and the news and other interests of the local area.

This is my new home since it’s opening in April 2011, and, though small, there lives a big world to interact with, to get closer with, and to get you to come visit my new home. Welcome.


Personalized Experience.

Only humans post into this blog, and into our other media outlets. Nothing is autoposted or autolinked. Personalized.

Get Closer.

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Posted May 1, 2011 by Pullman Lijiang

2 responses to “Connect : Get Closer

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  1. I love all of the spectacular photos taken on this website. Good Job! The photos are very inspiring and relaxing. The photos also remind me of a little town called Baisha located in TaiShan, China…Anyways, I have two questions. How long does it take to travel from Vancouver, Canada to Li Jiang, China? Also, what language do people speak in Li Jiang (Mandarin or Cantonese)?

    • Thank you very much – I am very flattered ! I am hoping to share Lijiang, its surroundings, culture and natural beauty and be a big part in raising natural awareness, minority awareness and benefiting the communities around … And like to help anyone to enjoy Lijiang and northwest Yunnan more (and stay at Pullman Lijiang of course ! )

      There’s a Baisha north of Lijiang too! It’s essentially the most ‘preserved’ old town out of the three old towns around Lijiang… the others being Dayan and Shuhe.

      Vancouver to Lijiang would need a transfer from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong or Guangzhou, with the travelling time alone approximately 15 hours. You may also travel via trains from Kunming, and even stop along the way at Dali. Kunming direct to Lijiang is 8 hours, either overnight or day train, and Dali to Lijiang is a 2 hour trip train-to-train at a cheap RMB150 (approx 25$CAD). FYI To have an extended trip, you can also visit Yunnan’s Shangri-La! (Pullman Lijiang can transfer you there too)

      In Lijiang, the language is Mandarin PuTongHua, but there are also some local dialects (Naxi, Pumi, Mosuo, Lijiang, Yunnan … )

      Would like to show you around sometime! =)

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