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thePULL – Torch Festival 火把节   1 comment


Fire. The element that can destroy whole cities, the burning spirit of a dancing life.

For the minority groups of Yunnan and Sichuan, the Torch Festival 火把节 (Huo Ba Jie) is one that worships just that – Fire.
EDIT: Occuring on July 25th 2011, and every 6th month, 24th day of the lunar calendar, the Torch Festival is one to see.

[Remember the basic safety tips when travelling to remote areas:
–   Get a local speaking guide.
–   Stay indoors during the night. Safety is number one.
–   Make sure you or your guides and friends bring medicines
–   Safeguard your things!
–   Boil your water, even if it comes from a bottle]


For the Pumi nationalities in Ninglang County (宁蒗, northeast of Lijiang 丽江市, Yunnan), the Pumi worship the Goddess of Fire, named Ang Gumi with a grand celebration for her kindness. As we have yet to experience the activity for our first time, the following is an excerpt from while we await the arrival:

On the day of Torch Festival, the Pumi nationality in Ninglang County usually holds sacrificial activities to praise the Goddess of Fire. It’s said that the Goddess of Fire worshiped by Pumi people is called Ang Gumi, who is originally the female ancestor of Mosuo nationality. For the sake of the happiness of her offspring and the neighboring Pumi nationality, she once stole fire from the Heaven Palace with her body being a torch so as to bring fire to the Mosuo and Pumi people. In order to remember her kindness forever, the Pumi nationality then made the day when fire was brought to the world as a festival to sacrifice the goddess.

On early festival morning, the people of each village will plant a huge pine tree symbolizing the Goddess of Fire. Then the trees are put up with small torches, the number of which shall be equal to the population of each village. In the afternoon, after animal sacrifice is offered to the “incarnation” of the goddess, the eldest lady in the village will light up the “incarnation”, while other participants will each get a torch from the tree and light it up. After that, led by the old lady, everyone will perform the Guozhuang Dance in praise of the goddess’s greatness. Then the people in groups will sing and dance around the village, field and mountain forest with torches in hand.

” Other activities like song and dance parties, horse races, bullfights, arrow shooting, wrestling, tugs-of-wars and swinging etc are also held during the festival. And there are trade fairs going on. In some areas, various religious rituals are performed to pray for a harvest.

In a horse race of the Yi people in Yunnan, torches are used to form multiple hurdles for riders to get through;
the Hani people in Yunnan traditionally attach various fruits to torches with strings. When the strings are broken after the torches are ignited, people scramble for the fruits for good luck.
For the Lisu people in Sichuan, the festival is an occasion for holding grand torch parades. Big torches are carried by the procession, which is like a fire dragon. If several processions from different directions meet, it is a tradition to swap the big torches with one another.

Dubbed “the Carnival of the Orient”, the Torch Festival is a traditional and age-old grand festival among some ethnic minorities in China.”

We will get back to you when the celebration happens, or join us when it does.
Sparks will fly ~


thePULL: Get Closer Launch Event (Grand Opening) Day 2   Leave a comment

thePULL: Get Closer Launch Event
(thePULL  is a quick push for a quick line of info, a little teaser, taste-test or the PULL for Pullman Lijiang Resort & Spa.)

你们好!Welcome again!

Please see the following for more pictures of the Get Closer Launch Event!
Following the LONGTABLE DINNER (previously posted) under a beautiful sun, the event included:

Opening drum
Opening speeches by our General Manager and special representatives of the project,
Dongba Naxi priest Blessing Ceremony,
Naxi Ancient Music Performance 纳西古乐会,
Lighting the Pullman motto on the lake, to “Check In, Chill Out”
a large outdoor barbeque and indoor banquet dishes
interactivity with Dongba hieroglyphs
Naxi bonfire dance; and …
ending off with the best library in Lijiang for beers, liqueurs and wines from all over the world,

… in the night, a soft and a beautiful way to end the night. ~
~Cheers, and if there are any inquiries for events or weddings in Lijiang, just let us know.

More of the pictures can be found on FLICKR See the left sidebar! 

just before the event started, I managed this beautiful panarama (untouched! =)

there's a bit of a shine while taking the photo as the event commences, it looks nice!

one of my favourite pictures of a stretch of bbq!

ancient naxi orchestra performing at the exclusive Pullman Lijiang

thePULL: Mu Yun Bo [LANA] at Rhizome Art Gallery   Leave a comment


!!! quick quick !!!
From the website, the exhibit will display:

Mu Yun Bo alias Lana is an Lijiang native artist (Yunnan, China). He self-educated in art and for more than two years, Lana continues his colossal project: make a mural painting assembled by several wooden panels (approximately 110 x 70 cm each) which represent the Paradise, the past, the present, the future and the Hell of Lijiang: 30m of wook carving, and he goes on…

In addition, the François Lejault’s film “Dongba” will be show. François Lejault is artist, professor in Superior Art School of Aix-en-Provence.

address is at 云南省丽江市古城区 大研街道义尚村委会 文林村
(China, Yun nan sheng, 674100 Lijiang shi, gu cheng qu, da yan jie dao yi shang cun wei hui wen lin cun)
phone number: (086) 888 510 98 05
email contact: contact (at )


@Pullman Lijiang Resort & Spa

thePULL – Opening Events Day 1   Leave a comment

Pullman Lijiang’s Get Closer Launch Event was held to show a few of our many potential ways to share us with the experience you want.

PART 1 / Firstly, the long table dinner was dressed along the Snow Mountain Road within the Resort. Following the road’s direction northbound, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain 玉龙雪山 rests on the horizon…

LONGTABLE OUTDOOR DINNER: possible for weddings, GET CLOSER events, fashion shows, lying around under the starry sky…

Click any picture below to have a larger image… Cheers!




More soon!

thePULL: Accor SUPER SALE 2011   Leave a comment

<<The “PULL” will be the quick line of info, a little teaser, taste-test or the PULL.>>

To follow up my previous post… Oh Yes! It’s the 50% off SUPERSALE for around the World! (not including Sofitel)
Check you destinations. Plan your trip. Get out and play!

===   THE DETAILS   ===

Booking period June 14-22, 2011
Valid for stays During July 08-Sept 04 2011
AT 50% of rooms/villas      (I repeat, not just an “up to 50%” but AT 50%!)
Conditions: Reservation must be prepaid, no refunds, no modifications, no cancellations

What are you waiting for? … Click below to start!

Check In. Chill Out. @ Pullman Lijiang Resort & Spa

thePULL – Annual Super Sales 2011?   Leave a comment

[define  “thePULL”  :  a quick line of info, a little teaser or taste-test, (brought to you by Pullman Lijiang)]
thePULL: Every once in awhile, small to large businesses share amazingly, near-avoidable deals and discounts that bring you in.
The Accor Group is one of them having twice in 2009 (February and October)  and twice in 2010 (March and October).

Those whom have taken advantage of the previous deals look for more, and those whom have missed out wish for it to accompany their next vacation.

The SuperSale is coming.
As RJ77 of FlyerTalk hints, June 16th 2011 it’s going to happen.

Stay tuned for details!

Lijiang Places : Golf Courses   Leave a comment
Welcome to another edition of Lijiang Places by Pullman Lijiang, I am your host, LiP.

Today we explore a little of the two Lijiang Golf Courses:
(1) Lijiang Ancient Town Waterview Golf Course, opened in 2006 and encompassing Wenbihai Lake; and
(2) Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Course, the longest and second highest golf course in the World.


(1) The Lijiang Ancient Town Waterview Golf Course is at an altitude of 7550 ft, 8km away from Lijiang.
By Wenbihai Lake, Naxi villages, and Wenbi Mountain, with Jade Dragon Mountain in the backdrop, you will be in for a beautiful scenery and good facilities. 12 hectares of area and long, the course is not made to be a pro course but as one with varying difficulties.
Par 72, 18 holes. Opened 2006. Designed by Joe Obringer.

Contact @ T: 86-888-5163666   F: 86-0888-5392222



(2) At 10,000ft the golf ball flies an extra 15% further due to altitude, start swinging away and brag about those 300ft+ shots to your friends! Altitude sickness is possible, too. At 8,548 yard length (8450 yards pro course), Jade Dragon Golf Course is the longest regulation golf course in the world and the second highest in the world.
Par 72. 18 holes. Opened 2001. Designed by Neil Haworth (Shanghai) @ Nelson & Haworth. 18 hole game includes green, caddie, buggy, meal. indoor pool. fireplace, proshop, restaurant.

Contact @ T: 86-888-516-3666   F: 86-888-5163298
Odd question out: What does it take to get the Jade Dragon golf course eligible to be in the PGA?

You may also contact us at Pullman Lijiang Resort & Spa for more information and travel costs to get you a safe trip to these interesting golf courses. Swing away!

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