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thePULL: Lijiang’s new train station 丽江站 opens Today!   Leave a comment


Out with the old, and in with the new. Looks similar to the new airport.
Lijiang has a brand new passenger train station 丽江站, as the previous one will only receive cargo, opening TODAY.
This new station is stationed near Wenbi Mountain 文笔山 and is a lead towards Shangri-la (ETA 2014?) and will handle about 9 million passengers per year.

See images below for references!

Other notes:

Vehicle: About 18 minutes from Lijiang. About 25 minutes away from Pullman Lijiang. Blue or Green Taxi may charge extra RMB30-40 per person.
Bus: from/to Lijiang Station, take #4, #16 or #18.
See the map image below for the reference of your next departure, train hoppers!
It has room for a fast food area, a ‘supermarket’ and 16 windows to buy train tickets.





(Photos taken yesterday, the day before opening to the masses.)

Definitely a much better station to arrive to than the old station or at Dali or Kunming.

(UPDATE: Beat out other English-version news updates! Woohoo!)

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