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【To 石莲寺 ShiLianSi Lamasery, west of Shuhe Ancient Town, in Lijiang, Yunnan, China / Darwin Ma】

Peter Goullart adventured to many places in his time in Lijiang for 8 years, from 1942 to 1949 ( fled by the time of the Cultural Revolution). One of his many photos was recorded and preserved in his vastly interesting outlook on the Nahki (Naxi 纳西族) people in the worthy read ‘The Forgotten Kingdom”. See the following:

A view of Likiang plain (Lijiang) and Shwowo village (Shuhe) from a lamasery by Peter Goullart

But that photo was taken over 60 years ago. This is a modern adaptation of his view, on a beautiful summer’s day 2011, from the ShiLianSi Lamasery that he had ventured to …

The town of Shuhe has extended it’s arms quite a bit, but much of the northern plains (North is leftwards) and the hills have not changed much. Peter’s picture is approximately in the middle of the second above image (based on the contours of the mountain range), and apologies for the distortion.

His love of Lijiang was unmatched to any other place in the Orient…

 The fields were green with winter wheat, and between them ran deep, crystal-clear streams of icy water. Dark water plants waved in them like strands of hair. The water from glaciers divided and subdivided into innumerable streams and canals, and made the Likiang plain one of the best irrigated areas in the world. The gurgling of these swift brooks, the singing of larks and other birds was like the music of gods. [The Forgotten Kingdom, Approx Page 21, 1957]

A great read indeed, if you are into culture and the problems of the Nahki people.

Send me an email if you want to find this small and hidden lamasery and the back hike of Shuhe, that few travelers find. (It’s definitely not a secret, but the route is well hidden!)

Shuhe Ancient Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a 7 minute walk adjacent to Pullman Lijiang Resort and Spa.
Read the Forgotten Kingdom via Pratyeka.
Read the Forgotten Kingdom review by Chris Horton @ Go Kunming.
A Pullman Lijiang review coming soon …

Darwin Ma at

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